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AFI Security & Investigations

"Veterans Providing Security Soultions"

We are an Efficient & Cost Effective Company that

Secure your Surroundings
















Get the peace of mind that's needed. AFI Security stands guard making sure you don't have to worry about criminals, fire, or property damage. A name that you can trust and depend on.
















Why Choose Us

Technical Security


Understanding your security needs begins with a clear understanding of exactly what's needed. AFI Security is here to help evaluate every detail and stage of your security measures.

As the current crime continues to rise, more and more companies are seeking to increase security in order to protect their properties as well as their employees from physical attacks and criminal mischief.

AFI Security is a trusted company that provide results at a reasonable price so your company can continue operating without the hassle of budgeting issues.

Best CCTV System


With highly trained officers that specialize in the latest CCTV systems, AFI Security officers can quickly identify problems and respond to handle each and every security concern.

Mobile Surveillance of


Mobile security is another way we here at AFI Security will be a watchful deterrent from criminals that look to cause harm to your properties and employees.

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