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What We Do

We provide highly trained security officers that will fit every security need that arises, from trained security officers, to trained private protection officers. We stand ready to deploy at any given time.


What We Offer

Security Guards

Highly trained veteran officers that are ex military or current local police officers are ready to meet your every need.

Mobile Patrol

We offer mobile patrol services as a security deterrent to deter criminals from approaching your property


With the latest CCTV training all officers are highly trained to monitor and quickly dispatch officers to every call


Private protection officers are highly trained in protecting clients, officers are highly trained ex military members that will protect every client as if their lives depends on it


How can AFI Security provide such quality work at reasonable  prices?

We are a company that believes in protecting each and every member no matter the cost, so AFI Security will lower cost to prove they are by far the best security company to protect you and your business

Latest Company News


Security Updates & News


Security Updates & News


Security Updates & News

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